Instagram - Swipe Post Feature


Image of Instagram - Swipe Post Feature

[Why Purchase a Feature?]
• By purchasing a feature, you are guaranteed a post on our Instagram Page.

• Features are a great way for you to expand your horizons on Instagram, or even to promote a product.

• We guarantee that even just one feature will increase your followers, and you get to watch the likes and comments rake in! Giving you bragging rights over your friends...

[How it Works:]
• You must attach the link of your chosen photos into the "Notes" box within the "Checkout" page. This will be how we access and re-post the photos.

• If your chosen photos are not on your Instagram feed, then please email it to us at, along with your Full Name, Instagram Username and Order Number.

• This post will be within 5 working days of your order.

*It is important that you read the Terms & Conditions before purchasing a post. Please scroll down to view.*