Our Social Medias



Rockstar Guitar™ - (@RockstarGuitar)

As I'm sure you know, Rockstar Guitar is the main account of the brand. It was the first account to be founded, and all other accounts are based off of this one. With a following of over 180k, it is also by far the biggest social account we maintain.

Rockstar Slash™ - (@RockstarSlash)

As it sounds, Rockstar Slash is a fan-type account run and owned by the same team of people. It sits with a modest following of around 22k, since being created earlier this year. After paying Guns N' Roses a visit back in June this year at the London Stadium, it made us even more hungry to share our passion with who ever was interested. That was our first, and likely our last ever time seeing the old-school trio rockin' it together. Definately a moment to remember for life.



As you would expect, we do in-fact also have a YouTube channel. We have uploaded a few test and taster videos, and plan to launch the YouTube channel as a bigger part of the brand in the future. Hit that Subscribe button if you like! We have great plans on more things to come for Rockstar Guitar on YouTube!



Rockstar Guitar - (@RockstarGuitarOfficial)

Facebook is simply not our main social media application. We find that the purpose we serve to our fans is best suited to the likes of Instagram. Nevertheless, we still operate with our Facebook account, and perhaps over time it will develop into something just as special as our Instagram accounts.



Rockstar Guitar™ - (@RockstarGuitar_)

For us, Twitter is a bit like Facebook. We don't really need to use it as it currently doesn't really give us any extra benefit, instead it just makes things more complicated. As you can see, we do have our own Twitter account, but Instagram is where it's really at when looking at what our brand provides.